Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New offer from Minnesota to Pekovic?

The plot thickens for Panathinaikos..

According to, Nikola Pekovic(2.10-C) has a new offer from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The new contract they are offering is for 3 seasons and Pekovic would make 15 million dollars from it. This kind of contract excedes the money he would get from Panathinaikos in the season to come.

Pekovic would make 1.8 million euros next season according to the article, whereas the contract from Minnesota would pay him 5 million dollars. So putting the tax aside the NBA contract would pay him 2.3 million euros give or take. However, in order for Pekovic to break the contract with Panathinaikos he will have to pay Panathinaikos 1 million dollars by the 15th of July. It's worth noting here that is affiliated to Panathinaikos..

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