Saturday, June 19, 2010

Olympiakos to get rid of Childress' contract?

It seems that they're trying to reduce their budget for next season.

According to, Olympiakos are trying to help NBA star Josh Childress out the door. Childress has another season in his contract with Olympiakos but he can opt out before July 15. Childress' contract for next season is worth more than 4 million euros and in Olympiakos they probably don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for taxes now that the laws are changing in Greece and taxes double for basketball players.

Also Josh Childress changed his agent from Janes Tanner to Chris Emens of Octagon. This could mean that Childress is also looking for an opportunity to return to the NBA. If Childress were to move back to the NBA it would be the best arrangement for everyone. Childress goes back with the title of the Greek Cup in his achievements and the Aggelopoulos brothers get to save some money and keep the fame of bringing into Europe an active NBA star.

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