Sunday, June 27, 2010

Josh Childress : I'm undecided..

Josh Childress hasn't figured out yet what he's going to do.

The highest paid player in Europe sent a personal message to Olympiakos affiliated portal,, saying that he is still undecided about his future.

Childress said that he loves Greece and people of Greece and that he would like to spend one more year in Athens. He said that he is saddened by how the season ended and because he couldn't give the League title to the team of Olympiakos. 

He is currently in Spain, where he got married. Childress' best offer is the one from Olympiakos. The last season of his contract that would pay him 7 million dollars. He also has a qualifying offer from the Atlanta Hawks for 5 million dollars. He must make his final decision before July 15th in case he wants to return to the NBA because of the NBA-out clause in his contract.

In Olympiakos they'd prefer getting rid of his contract but if he chooses to stay they'd need to negotiate with him about breaking the contract.

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