Friday, June 5, 2009

Giannakis to stay for another season

Head coach of Olympiakos, Panayotis Giannakis, met with the Aggelopoulos brothers and they discussed the future of the team. The owners of the team support the former coach of the National Team but instead of him, one his assistants, Manos Manousselis was sacked. Giannakis will remain the head coach of Olympiakos for another season as his contract dictates. The candidates for the position of Manousselis are greek league veterans Milan Tomic and Nikos Linardos (currently in Maroussi). 

A section of fans of Olympiakos in their online message boards are furiously against Giannakis but their wrath might be sated by a possible lucrative transfer of another star in their team. Also in Olympiakos they need to discuss the contracts of Giannis Bouroussis(2.10-C) and Georgios Printezis(2.05-PF) whose contracts run out this summer. There is interest from other Euroleague teams, as well as NBA teams for the 2 players but its the general consensus that Olympiakos will have the first word. It's known after all that the owners of Olympiakos are not short of money. Ian Vouyoukas(2.11-C) and other players that got very little playing time will probably be given to other greek teams on a loan basis.

Sofoklis Schortsanitis(2.06-C) might already be considered out of the team and Milos Teodosic(1.95-PG) and Zoran Erceg(2.09-PF) are rumored to be lent to other teams. Apart from that the remaining players should stay, including Halperin, regardless of the rumors about him moving back to Maccabi that are completely unfounded. The israeli combo guard had a great season with Olympiakos and coach Giannakis trusts his abilities.

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