Saturday, June 12, 2010

No progress with Spanoulis and Pekovic

More episodes to follow for sure..

Today was the appointment of the mutual agent of Vassilis Spanoulis and Nikola Pekovic with the Giannakopoulos brothers that own the basketball team of Panathinaikos. Misko Raznatovic met with them for the 2nd time in the last few days to discuss the renewal of the contracts of the 2 stars of the team.

There have been plenty of rumors for both Spanoulis and Pekovic that implicated some of the biggest European teams for Spanoulis and Minnesota for Pekovic. Raznatovic will be meeting the Giannakopoulos brothers again it's not certain whether a deal will be made for the 2 players or they will officially become free agents.

Pekovic's contract with Panathinaikos expires at the summer of 2011 but there is an NBA-clause in it. Rumors from Greece say that Spanoulis wants a significant amount of money that he might not get from Panathinaikos but there are other teams that can offer it to him. Greek media report that the matter will be closed within the next few days.

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