Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pacesas a candidate for Olympiakos

You never know these days..

According to, there is a name that has not been implicated in rumors for Olympiakos but that doesn't mean that he is not a candidate. The article talks about Lithuanian head coach Tomas Pacesas (aka the Sheriff) who is the head coach of Prokom Gdynia. 

Pacesas is young and his career is on the rise after he took over from Kijewski back in 2008 becoming the head coach. It might seem like a far fetched possibility as his name is not surrounded by hype or European titles(apart from the Polish titles with Prokom), but he is a candidate and his name shouldn't be dimissed lightly. Pacesas' Prokom did give Olympiakos a run for their money in this season's Euroleague so it's only natural that he left some good impressions with the owners of Olympiakos.

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