Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blatt out, Zdovc in?

David Blatt is very close to leaving Aris and returning to Maccabi. In Aris they're on the prowl for a new head coach.

David Blatt is very close to returning to Maccabi. The Israeli team issued a statement via their official website announcing that they've already had a meeting with David Blatt and more will follow. Blatt does not seem to be negative to the prospect of rejoining Maccabi, this time as a head coach. Both in Greece and Israel the media are reporting that the deal is almost certain.

And what of Aris? The latest name to be added to the list of candidates is that of Slovenian veteran and now head coach Juri Zdovc. This might seem plausible as Zdovc's assistant in the Slovenian National Team is Stefanos Dedas. He is also the remaining assistant coach in Aris. Zdovc is still the head coach of Olimpija Lubljana and is still battling it out against Krka in the Slovenian play-offs. At the moment nothing can be certain until the play-offs are finished. Olimpija's severe financial situation might force Zdovc out regardless of the play-offs outcome..

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