Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aris in talks with "big name" for the head coach position

In Aris they're aiming high and why shouldn't they.. that means it might not be Zdovc after all..

Information from Greece says there are more candidates in Aris and none of them are Greek. Effectively this means that candidates like Yorgos Bartzokas or Yannis Sferopoulos are no longer valid. Unless of course things change dramatically. In the transfer market things can change pretty fast.. But let's talk about the current state of affairs.

The administration of Aris want to start their team from scratch after last season's debacle. The team faced some humiliating defeats and they almost missed the play-offs where they were swiftly beaten by Olympiakos to put an end to another bad season.

So they need someone with seriously good coaching skills and a name big enough to make a difference. The main candidate had a big career as a player and he is not very happy where he is at the moment. In Aris they have the fanbase and a decent budget at their disposal to attract a coach of his caliber. His name was implicated in the past as well, but he chose to stay in his homeland. At some point in time he had the control of one of the wealthiest teams in Europe but his current team is running on an empty tank, like many others. The agent of the coach had had numerous dealings with Aris in the past so he is leading the negotiations that are currently underway.

At the moment it wouldn't surprise his current team if he were to choose to leave them. They're probably expecting it themselves. More on this to follow in the next few days when things will be quieter and decisions can be made.

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