Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hall and Monroe talk about their next move

After Game 2 of Italian semifinal playoffs, Mike Hall and Chris Monroe talked a bit on their future.

"If I will stay in Milano next year too? I don't think so. I am very bored of Italian basket. However I will decide at the end of the season but there are lot of possibilities that my experience in Serie A is over" said Hall, who was accused after Game 1 by Caserta of having provoked Jumaine Jones during the entire game.

Chris Monroe, who arrived in Milano from Paok for the posteason, also spoke on his future (there were rumors that he would have joined Paok again next year).
"Now we have two games at home that we have to win and go to the final. My future? Actually I don't know. Now I am playing for Milano and I am not thinking on it. Paok? It depends if we will find an agreement" said Monroe.

The last one was Jumaine Jones, who minimized the provocations of Hall. "Nothing happened between Mike Hall and me" said former Lakers forward.

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