Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perasovic the main candidate for Aris

More names added to the list..

More information about the new head coach of Aris has come to the surface so it's not worth holding it back anymre.Yesterday I wrote about a big name that is the main candidate and that has been revealed now by the newspaper Athlitika Nea that is affiliated to Aris. 

So it's none other than Velimir Perasovic, head coach of Cibona, who still has one game to go in the Croatian league play-offs. The score is tied 2-2 for Cibona and Zadar and today the winner takes all. Perasovic was once head coach of Baskonia (former Tau, now Caja Laboral) but health issues forced him to retire from basketball for a while. He did managed to win the Spanish Cup as the head coach of Baskonia. 

He returned as head coach of Estudiantes and saved them from relegation and then he returned in 2008 to his homeland of Croatia in aid of Cibona. He's been there since. The negotiations with Perasovic are underway so it's now up to Perasovic to decide the next step of his career.

Other candidates are Vlada Vukoicic and Aleksandar Trifunovic according to the article, although they seem very unlikely for many reasons. Trifuniovic does have experience from the Greek league but he wasn't very successful with a decent budget.

And what of Blatt.. he hasn't accepted Maccabi's offer yet. But chances are he could be waiting for something else..many prized benches could be up for grabs soon.

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