Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rudy Fernandez involved in trade rumors

The Trail Blazers have two choices very low (numbers 22 and 44) in the NBA Draft to be held on June 24 at Madison Square Garden.

Therefore, its general manager, Kevin Pritchard, to work for a place in positions of privilege. In 2006, Portland had the number 2 choice and they chose LaMarcus Aldridge and number 6  with Brandon Roy(traded from Minnesota). Both are key players to Portland.

Rudy can be vital in the exchange of players before the Draft. To date, Miami, New York and Chicago have expressed interest in the Spaniard. McMillan's presence makes it very complicated for Rudy to stay in Portland. If he is not traded to another team in the Draft he will be heading back to Europe(possibly Real Madrid)

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