Monday, June 7, 2010

Obradovic to leave Panathinaikos?

It's not a name you hear every day implicated in rumors. And if this is true, it's truly the end of a long era.

According to, Zelimir Obradovic is considering very seriously leaving Panathinaikos after 11 years. Obradovic needs no introductions and his collections of titles in Europe speaks for itself. The article says that the Serbian guru will be moving on this summer and his days in Panathinaikos are numbered. After conquering the 8th consecutive Greek league title, Obradovic wants to move on but there isn't anything known about his next move. One might wonder what team could be his next move. For all we know he might just want to rest for a while.

The article says that it's a decision that already taken before the end of the play-offs, one that would leave his trusted assistant Dimitris Itoudis, as his successor. His decision might have also been influenced by the disgraceful and ridiculous events of last night's League final that never officially finished.

This is going to be a difficult summer for the fans of Panathinaikos. Many of the team's key player will need to sign new contracts and some of them could possibly move away.

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