Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jeremiah Massey to return to Aris?

I know there have been many reports in the past but this time it might actually happen..

Jeremiah Massey(2.02-PF) spoke to Greek radio station Aris FM, that is the official radio of the team of Aris. He is currently in Detroit and from there he gave an interview to the people of Aris FM. Massey said that it is very possible that he returns to Aris for the next season.

Massey said that he has already spoken to coach David Blatt about the prospect of returning to Aris and he said that he is in constant communication with him. He also said that he is very keen on returning to Aris and that things are certainly moving in the right direction. About his unsuccessful pass through Obradoiro, he said that the coach told him that he is not the type of player he actually wanted. Massey also wanted to play alongside his old buddy Reyshawn Terry(2.03-SF/PF).

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