Friday, May 7, 2010

Reyes moving to Bilbao?

Rumor has it that Felipe Reyes will be reunited with Alex Mumbru..

According to, Felipe Reyes(2.04-PF/C) has been made an offer by Bilbao, an offer that is quite appealing to him. The main shareholder of Bilbao Gorka Arrinda, who is also a players' agent, is pressing Reyes to join the team of Bilbao next season. There is already an offer according to the article and the administration of Real have not renewed his contract that would earn Reyes another 1.8 million euros.

After Messina arrived to Real Madrid, Felipe Reyes has seen his participation time and his stats dwindling down. It's obvious that he is no longer the star of the team and with players like Darjus Lavrinovic(2.12-PF/C) and Ante Tomic(2.17-C) it's obvious that his days are numbered. In Bilbao he could reunited with former Real teammate Alex Mumbru who is also represented by Gorka Arrinda. So far he has averaged 8.1 points and 4.3 rebounds in 18 games in the ACB with an average of 16.8 minutes of playing time.

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