Monday, May 31, 2010

Orthez planning a comeback

After their return to the ProA, in Orthez they are planning a comeback.

According to, Pau Orthez are looking for their main point guard for next season. The French team returned to the ProA and they want to make sure that they stay there for a long time. The article says that they have a few transfer targets now that Teddy Gipson(1.93-PG/SG) doesn't want to stay with them anymore.

Amongst the players who are being targeted are veteran Laurent Sciarra(1.95-PG), Aaron Miles(1.85-PG), Antonio Graves(1.91-SG) and Eric Chatfield(1.92-PG/SG). Cedrick Banks(1.91-PG/SG) of Orleans was also offered but the deal didn't go through.

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