Friday, May 14, 2010

Houston made an offer to Teodosic, Miami not yet..

You know what they say.. one rumor a day..

This time it was, that presented a rumor for Euroleague superstar Milos Teodosic(1.95-PG). According to the Greek portal, 2 NBA teams are interested in Teodosic and they are Miami and Houston. It says that Houston took it even further and made an offer to Teodosic but it has not been put to paper.

As it so happens, he is somewhat of a "restricted free agent". Although this terminology doesn't actually exist in Europe the status of the Serbian player's contract resembles very much so that of an NBA restricted free agent. If Teodosic doesn't get an actual signed contract then Olympiakos reserves the right to activate the remainder of his contract that will give Teodosic 600,000 and 700,000 euros respectively in the next 2 seasons. On the other hand if a team makes an offer and Olympiakos don't match it then he is free to go. As I have already mentioned, this is very unlikely but not impossible. I wouldn't bet on it though..

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