Sunday, May 2, 2010

Palacio in talks with Baskonia

It seems like the season is not over yet for Milton Palacio.

The Belizean/American veteran Milton Palacio(1.93-PG) missed out the most part of this season after a deal went sour with Partizan last summer. After that he signed with the Greek team of Kavala in order to help them to avoid relegation and that he did. So Palacio was under the impression that his holidays would start early but according to El Correo Digital, Baskonia are looking to sign him in order to replace John Singletary(1.83-PG). Palacio lost his phone and when he found it again there were lots of messages from his agents about a possible deal with Baskonia. There were also talks with Siena but they didn't end up anywhere.

Palacio said that he is quite anxious about the prospect of playing for one of the biggest clubs in Europe and that the deal would hopefully be made by Tuesday the latest. Palacio played for Vancouver, Boston, Phoenix, Cleveland, Toronto and Utah in the past in the NBA and in Europe he has only played for Partizan, before moving to Khimki and his last destinations was Kavala in Greece. He started slow but later on he put up good numbers with Kavala, averaging 10.3 points 2.6 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 16 games in Greece.

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