Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet the new president..?

It's time for a long overdue change..

According to the vast majority of Greek media, Yannis Damianidis, who is the current president of Aris BC will be stepping down from his role as a president and he will be a candidate for the position of the president of the Greek League. The position has been sitting in the hands of Vassilis Oikonomidis for the last 7 years and the consensus in Greece is that there is no faith any more, in his abilities to secure the best interests of the League.

So this is where Damainidis steps in, who has been a favourite of the the two Greek powerhouses, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. He seems to have both their favour and the fact that he will not even participate in the new administration of Aris BC seems to confirm that he is heading full throttle towards the presidency of the Greek League. According to, Damianidis will be assuming the role of the Sports Director in Aris BC and tonight's shareholder's board meeting will decide the team's new president.

On another issue, if the shareholders guarantee a players' budget of 1.5 million euros for next season then David Blatt will return to Aris and sign his new 2-season contract with the Greek team. He is currently in Russia in talks with the Russian basketball federation and notified the administration of Aris that he will return on Sunday instead of this Saturday. If Blatt signs a new contract the hunting for new players for Aris begins.. if not then the hunting for a new head coach begins.

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