Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rudy to play for Barcelona next season..?

Just a month ago, Rudy Fernandez from Portland explained that he missed his family and friends.

"On April 4th I turned 25 years old and it was a tough day because I was alone." said Rudy. The next season he may not be. An agreement with Sandro Rosell, a candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, for 3 seasons at a rate of 2.5 million euros each (7.5 total) could be the deciding factor for Rudy to play for Barcelona next season . It's a possibility that Joan Creus, technical director of the team, approves.

Rudy's personal situation and his reduced playing time in the Trail Blazers have triggered rumors of a possible return to Europe. Although he has an existing contract with Portland (the next season he would gain a little more than a million euros), the club could reach an agreement to break it. If he continues for another season, Oregon's franchise option would renew for another season (2011-12), which would make Rudy to collect 1.75 million.

"In my situation, I do not rule out anything because I want to play. I do not care where," stated Rudy. The likely departure of Basile and the fact that Barcelona and would like to sign him sooner than later has again put the issue of his signing on the table.

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