Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The rumors have started in Olympiakos

What good is the off-season without rumors? Well, in Greece they have already started although the play-offs are still on..

Saying that the fans of Olympiakos were disappointed by their team's presence in the Euroleague Final 4 would be an understatement. The sentiment is that not all parts of the team function as they should and that certain people in the team do not perform up to standard. As always in these cases the usual scapegoat is the head coach. It's easier to fire one person than a few. It's also easier to focus all the negative publicity on him.

So according to, head coach Giannakis is already under severe scrutiny and his ability to break the home-court advantage of Panathinaikos in the play-offs and win the League title will be a deciding factor. Obviously everyone expects Olympiakos to go through Maroussi by default. The fact of the matter is that Maroussi was an equal match to Partizan and now they have been resting during the Final 4. So it remains to be seen really.

The successor to the helm of Olympiakos has been named by Milan Tomic, decorated veteran of Olympiakos, will be the head coach, whereas Dusan Ivkovic will be the technical director. It seems that the Aggelopoulos brother are willing to fight fire with fire if that's true. Besides, Dusan Ivkovic is the only head coach to win the Euroleague title with Olympiakos and he did say that after the Serbian National Team he wants to retire from coaching.

On the other hand, there is another rumor in Greece according to Someone close to head coach Giannakis seems to have said that "we'll win the League and then we'll leave by ourselves".

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