Saturday, May 15, 2010

Olympiakos cancelled Erceg's transfer

And the reason for it is quite vague..

According to, Zoran Erceg(2.11-PF/C) will not be continuing his career in Virtus Bologna until the end of season. The agent of Erceg, Nikos Lotsos, notified the Italian club that loan agreement is cancelled. Apparently there is clause in the player's contract that doesn't allow him to play on-loan for more than one teams per season.

Effectively this is the end of the season for Erceg but in Olympiakos they are quite happy with his progress. Vujcic and Halperin will probably not be in the team for next season and Erceg's contract expires in 2013 so he is expected to be a regular member of the roster.

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