Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aris to re-negotiate with Blatt

In Aris they finally decided what to do with their administration.

In Aris it was a matter of time until they all agreed what to do with the administration of the team for new season. It seems that there will be a new group of shareholders that will gradually take over and a couple of their members are being introduced in the new administration regimen according to

This means that the coast is clear to invite David Blatt back to Thessaloniki, but things certainly do not look peachy anymore. The optimism of the recent days has dwindled down to a rather cautious approach and although they had proposed a 2-season deal to Blatt, that will have to be re-negotiated. The team's administration hope that the American-Israeli head coach is still fascinated with the team's history and fans to want to stay.

Funny enough Aris and David Blatt are still bound by contract for next season but there is a buy-out clause in the contract that allows Blatt to break it by the 10th June. The fee of the clause is puny and it's less than 500 euros. Essentially this means that Blatt is free to go if he so chooses. Blatt's salary for next season comes to 280,000 euros but the players' budget of the team will be less than a million euros, although other sources talk of a higher amount. What this means is that Blatt would probably need to agree to a lower salary in order for Aris to be able to sign him. More developments on this subject will follow in the next few days.

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