Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy rumors from Greece..

I wanted to make sure that the title would prepare you for this..

So here goes.. according to, there are transfers in the works between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. To cut the long story short, it says that Vassilis Spanoulis(1.93-PG/SG) will be moving to Olympiakos and Panayotis Vasilopoulos(2.03-SF/PF) and Yannis Bouroussis(2.10-C) will move to Panathinaikos.

It goes on to create an elaborate explanation as to how this will take place. The first part is plausible.. Spanoulis will be a free agent in the summer so signing him is fair game. However there have been very few players moving from one rival to the other with the latest one being Andrija Zizic(2.07-C) that signed for Panathinaikos after he was released by Olympiakos. So very unlikely in the case of Spanoulis, statistically possible nevertheless. It then goes on to explain how Vasilopoulos and Bouroussis would leave Olympiakos in case Giannakis wins the Greek league(no comment), because they don't like also entertains the possibility of budget cuts in Olympiakos(!!?) that would somehow force Bouroussis out..

It's an ambitious scenario for the most part but then again we're probably going to hear crazier things than that. And the Greek league hasn't even finished yet..

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